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Department: Petroleum
Insitution: University of North Dakota
  Grand Forks, ND

Undergraduate Programs
Our Petroleum Engineering program is the only one in North Dakota.

It prepares you to enter a rapidly growing field critical to our state’s economy. The program, designed with industry input, offers hands-on experience that gives you the technical skills to recover oil and gas from new and existing resources, and the insight you’ll need to address future industry challenges.

Undergraduate Program Offerings
Visit our interactive program finder to learn more about our undergraduate program offerings. All majors are offered on-campus or online.

Petroleum Engineering (B.S.)
Petroleum Engineering (Certificate)
Petroleum Engineering (Combined B.S./M.S. or M.Eng.)

Graduate Programs
Our Master of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Petroleum Engineering, backed by input from many of the leading industry participants, produces engineers ready to make their own contributions to exploration and recovery as soon as they graduate.

Visit our interactive program finder to learn more about our graduate program offerings.

Petroleum Engineering (M.S. or M.Eng.)
Petroleum Engineering (Ph.D.)

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